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Check Out Studio 4ºC’s Work on Atlus’s Catherine

Atlus has won over a lot of fans in the last few years with the bold direction of their Persona series, and for good reason. They’ve done an admirable job in diverging from the typical RPG style, and it looks like they’re continuing to do so with their new project, Catherine.

To say that the trailer for Catherine is “strange” is quite the understatement. It may be all but completely unintelligible, but its promise of a mystery RPG setting is wrapped in a glorious bow of animation from acclaimed Studio 4ºC (Batman: Gotham Knight, Tekkonkinkreet).

If the Persona pedigree itself isn’t enough to put this on the radars of everyone reading this, the involvement of 4ºC might push the stragglers over the edge. See for yourself below, and be aware that while it’s not loaded with anything terribly explicit, it’s still not quite “safe for work” or the tender eyes of youth.

Catherine is currently being developed for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

Source [Twitch]