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Chainsaw Man Creator Talks Future Anime, Pitching to Shonen Jump

chainsaw man

Anime News Network interviewed Chainsaw Man creator Tatsuki Fujimoto about his manga and the upcoming anime adaptation.

“I always wanted to serialize in [Shonen] Jump,” Fujimoto said. “So I had the feeling that if I drew a serialization there, there was the risk that my work would get buried if I made a ‘Jump-like manga.’ Because of that, I tried to retain much of my individuality as a creator while making only the structure and characters Jump-like.”

Talking about the anime adaptation, he said, “I talked to the people handling the anime. I felt that they were people I could feel comfortable leaving things to, so I don’t have any worries whatsoever. I love anime, but I don’t have any experience in making it, so I am leaving it all to them.”

Asked if he had a message for his overseas fans, he joked, “Put Chainsaw Man in Avengers! Like in an R-18 category!”

Source: ANN


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