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Catch a Ride on the New Inflatable Pokémon Air Pikachu

It’d be hard not to choose the new Pokémon Air toy that lets you ride around on an inflatable rubber Pikachu. While it’s designed for kids, many adults can also catch a ride, as it can handle up to 220 pounds sitting on it.

According to the Japanese site grape, “It can also be used as a pillow, miniature chair, or as simple as some Pokémon-themed room decor.”

However you want to use your Pokémon Air, it costs 7,500 yen (about $71.55) and you can begin ordering on October 1. The toys are meant to ship in November and they are sold by the JAM store.

And if you want more Pokémon-themed stuff in your home, the list is almost endless: don’t forget the washable fluff toys, the Pikachu “Roomba,” and the Pikachu sneakers (complete with ears and tail). And there’s even stuff out there for a Pokémon themed wedding.

Source: grape


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