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Celebrate Heidi, Girl of the Alps in Japan’s Little Switzerland

Heidi, Girl of the Alps is one of those iconic retro anime series that even people who claim not to know about anime would recognize. Now more than 40 years after its release, Japan continues its celebration of Heidi with the “Heidi’s Hill” (Haiji no Oka) event taking place in “Little Switzerland.”

Little Switzerland, Japanese site grape explains, is an area in Japan a few hours away from Tokyo where you can find the Nasu mountain range, a lake, and a Swiss-styled building that all give a Switzerland-like impression. Heidi’s Hill starts this Saturday, September 19, and is set up to last all the way until August 31, 2021.

While the Nasu Kogen Rindo Lake Family Ranch, which is putting on the event, hasn’t released all their details, they are teasing costumes and ranch animals, guided tours with Heidi’s goat Yuki-chan (not the original name in the book), and special spots set up to take photos.

Source: grape


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