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Who Are You? Toys Reveal Adorable Fluffball Pikachus

There’s a set of toys in Japan with the English name “Who Are You?” where you start out with a colorful fluff ball and you have to wash it for it to turn into the actual toy. Once washed, you can see if you have a cat, a dog or a rabbit. Or a Pikachu.

The Pikachu toys are new to the set. And while you can tell from looking at the ball that it’s a Pikachu, there’ll still be a surprise in store for you. That’s because there are three different Pikachus you can get, each with a different expression. One winks, one has an open-mouthed smile with eyes closed, and one has both eyes open and a grin.

According to SoraNews24, these Pikachu playmates hit the shelves this autumn via Who Are You? toys, and they’re available for $36 (3,800 yen). And if this commercial is to be believed, kids will start singing and dancing for these toys.

Source: SoraNews24

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