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Become the Blue Bomber With These Megaman Sneakers

Over the past few years, we’ve reported on Evangelion sneakers, Jojo’s sneakers, Gundam sneakers, and now, perhaps the inevitable conclusion… Megaman sneakers, courtesy of Philadelphia-based footwear brand Ubiq.

And man, just look at these bad boys. If the Blue Bomber-inspired color scheme and randomized pixel art design that makes every shoe unique wasn’t enough to get you energized, just get a load of those giant E-Tanks on the tongues. That’s going to let everyone else on the blacktop know you’re not going to give up even after getting hit with metal blades, bubble lead, or a top-spin’d b-ball aimed at your head. You’re tougher than that.

Like the previous sneaker collabs we’ve covered, this one’s going to be available via Japanese retailer SuperGroupies towards the end of June for about 9.800 yen. If you really want to get your hands on a pair, you’ll probably want to get in during the pre-order window, which opens February 20. I know a few people who missed their chance with the Jojo’s sneakers last year, so mark that in your calendar if this sounds like something you want to get your hands on.

Source: Rockman Unity

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