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Baki Returns in New Keisuke Itagaki Manga This August

Baki Returns in New Keisuke Itagaki Manga This AugustBaki’s back! Keisuke Itagaki’s latest chapter of the Baki saga, Baki-Dou, ended last month after running since October 2018. But no need to fear. Itagaki will be launching a new Baki manga in the August 24 issue of Shonen Champion. Not much of a Baki break at all, really.

For those curious, here’s Itagaki’s Baki timeline up to now:

Baki the Grappler: 1991-1999
Baki: 1999-2005
Baki Hanma: 2005-2012
Baki-Dou (written in kanji): 2014-2018
Baki-Dou (written in katakana): 2018-2023

That’s a lot of Baki. The series has also been adapted into multiple anime series, including an OVA in 1994, a series in 2001 and the currently-running streaming series on the ‘flix.

Here’s the official description from Sentai:

In the deadly underground world of no-holds-barred fighting, one name reigns supreme: Yujiro Hanma, aka “The Ogre,” a legendary martial artist whose incredible strength, skill, and savage ferocity are so terrifying that even great nations fear him. Still, no man can stand at any pinnacle forever, and the Ogre’s son, Baki, has trained his entire young life in order to achieve his dream of rising to the top.

Unfortunately, the young fighter’s escalating string of victories make him a target for the most ruthless of rivals, and an underground martial arts promoter warns him that five ultra-violent convicts are en route to Tokyo to eliminate Baki once and for all! Now, with the lives of his friends and classmates at stake, the young fighter must face his greatest challenges yet, both inside and outside of the ring!

Source: ANN

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