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See Attack on Titan Through the Eyes of Backrooms Director Kane Pixels

If you thought the Backrooms were scary, check out Kane Pixels' take on Attack on Titan

To say Attack on Titan is a terrifying series would be an understatement. Even before the Walls came down, the uncanny megamonsters of the series got into our nightmares. Every revelation builds out a world that’s increasingly eldritch, leading up to the horror of the Rumbling. The anime is on its slow march to this final battle — but starting last year, one VFX artist started bringing these moments to life.

If you’re a fan of analog horror, you’ve probably been watching the new YouTube series inspired by the Backrooms. The Internet urban legend, about a labyrinth of liminal spaces just outside reality, has spawned several creative projects. This new one from Kane Pixels is making waves… but how about his take on Paradis?


News of the World

The intersection of the World Wars aesthetic of Attack on Titan with its themes and events has… how should I phrase this? Prompted discussions. Whichever way you look at it, though, that is the inspiration. Which is why a lot of these videos work: they mimic that wartime news reel look.

The video above recreates the “Declaration of War” scene from season 4, when Eren crashes Willy Tybur’s theatrical production. This is the most recent of Kane Pixel’s videos in the series, dropping two months ago. Most of them stick to this look, though — including the very first video, which mixes new CG animation with archival wartime footage.


The Paths

For your immersive Attack on Titan needs, there’s the odd one of out of the set. Rather than showing you “historical” footage, this video drops you in front of the Coordinate. You’ll see familiar sights from the manga and anime, paired with music and eerie sound mixing.

If that’s your jam, there’s actually a “music to listen to while inside Paths” playlist. The two videos pair visuals from the videos with remixed music from a variety of sources.


Where to Next?

If all of this is new to you, you’re in for a treat. Once you’re done exploring the Attack on Titan videos, you can wander into the Backrooms. The two series of videos have the same mix of uncanny almost-realism and lurking dread. And they both put you up against something terrifyingly large. It’s just that one is an army of Titans, and the other is an infinite sepia labyrinth.

And if you’ve burned your way through both? Well, now you can keep tabs on the anime as it rumbles toward its ending, and the Backrooms as they go… wherever they’re going to go.

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