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Anime Sols Rallies in Final Moments

After quite a bit of skepticism at its launch, the Anime Sols crowdfunding service has happily come in just under the wire funding two of the eight projects it had launched upon opening in May.

Creamy Mami and Black Jack both had passionate bases that put them well in the lead starting out, but by the end of the campaign they still weren’t near their goal. However, as these things often go, there was a huge push forward in the final days of the campaign, as the 13-episode box sets drew close to oblivion.

It is important to note that just a few hundred people managed to bring these projects to their goals, and that those contributors are rolling relatively high: the average contribution to these campaigns is $100, with slightly more people coming through for Creamy Mami. We imagine there were a lot of people topping up their donations in order to save the series.

So what happens from here? We presume that the “defeated” series (Tatsunoko and Tezuka classics, along with Ninja Robot Tobikage) will disappear into the ether, and that Sols will come back with a new round of titles– hopefully not so many at once this time.

However, questions remain. Remember that these, along with all the other anime on Sols, are long series: the original Yatterman series runs over 100 episodes! Blackjack runs 61 episodes and Creamy Mami runs 52 long. That’s three more box sets to fund. Here’s hoping the fans manage to find the rest of that cash, deep down in their pockets.

Source: Anime Sols

This story originally ran in the 8/6/13 issue of the Otaku USA e-News
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