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Anime Director Lashes Out Against Poorly Mixed Anime Audio

Anime Director Lashes Out Against Poorly Mixed Anime AudioRemember how Tenet sparked a backlash against modern audio mixes that make it hard to hear dialogue? Now one anime director is launching the same complaint against some anime mixes.

Said director is Ashina Minoru, known for helming Isekai Quartet and Kaiju Girls.

Ashina tweeted:

I bet this’ll lose me about a thousand followers. Ahem. Please start assigning sound directors to special effects. I can’t hear the dialogue even on a good TV. There’s no balance between the voices, background music and special effects. The direction and dialogue doesn’t reach the audience. Please think about why anime has sound directors to begin with. I’ve been thinking this for years, but I’ve finally said it.

This problem may be less noticeable for folks watching with subtitles on, but it definitely does exist. (As with the Tenet example above, I’d agree it’s not limited to anime, either!). What do you think about modern anime audio?

Source: Otakomu

Matt Schley

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