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Anime crowdfunding site AniCool launches

Crowdfunding, crowdfunding, crowdfunding. Ain’t a week goes by we ain’t reporting ‘bout the stuff. What are those crazy Kickstarting kids up to this time?

Sorry, this isn’t Kickstarter – it’s a new original site devoted to crowdfunding independent anime projects. And it is called… AniCool (is it just us, or is putting “cool” in your name a surefire sign you’ll never actually be thought of as cool?).

Okay, so we’re not a huge fan of the name, but the concept makes sense. Basically, it’s not a whole lot different from Kickstarter, but it’s devoted entirely to anime, natch, and there are no fees taken off the top, so 100% of donations go to the animators. We also like this awkward but charming sentence from their “about” page: “You can help the birth of cool animes previously unseen, by warming their eggs as parents.”

Oh, the other thing we like – the relatively modest sum of money they’re asking for. The first project on AniCool, a 30-40 minute short called Serendipity, is looking for 1,000,000 yen – about 10,000 bucks. Compare that to the $500,000 goal for Harmony Gold’s 24-minute Robotech Academy pilot. Okay, they’re totally different projects and not really comparable. But, you know, just sayin’.

AniCool’s not the first anime crowdfunding site, though. Remember Anipopo? Haven’t heard a peepo from them in a while.

Source: ANN