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Animator Supporters Launches Manga to Anime Short Film Contest

Animator Supporters Launches Manga to Anime Short Film ContestWe’ve reported a lot over the years about Animator Supporters, the folks working to make the anime industry a better place for overworked and underpaid animators. Aside from running a subsidized dormitory for animators to live in, they’re also working on their own original projects that aim to pay animators fairer rates than those in the rest of the industry.

The group’s latest project, unveiled this week, is its Manga to Anime Short Film Contest. It’s pretty much what it sounds like: submit a manga, and the winner will get it turned into a short anime film. Cool!

The contest is open to anyone: just send in a manga that hasn’t been published before that’s between 8 and 16 pages. The winner will be turned into a five-minute short film, and there’s a financial incentive too: first prize wins $4,000, second prize $2,700 and third place $1,350.

Animator Supporters is taking submissions until September 30, and you get get all the details here.

Source: ANN

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