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Young People in Japan Drinking Less Sake

Young People in Japan Drinking Less SakeNihonshu, better known in the west as sake, is Japan’s signature alcoholic beverage. Brewed from rice, it’s been the staple Japanese tipple for hundreds of years. But a recent survey shows that Japanese folks in their 20s and 30s are not drinking a lot of the stuff.

In fact, in a recent survey, 70% of respondents in their 20s and 30s said they hadn’t any sake for a year or more. That included 42% who said they had never tried it at all.

On the other hand, it sounds like people are getting more interested in high-end sake. Among nihonshu drinkers, 65% said such high-grade sake could be used for entertaining guests or as gifts in the same way as wine.

As someone definitely not in the “drinking less sake” category, I highly recommend a cup of the stuff, especially if you find yourself in Japan when the border opens back up. Kanpai.

Source: Otakomu

Matt Schley

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