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All 12 Episodes of Baki Hanma Anime Hit Netflix on September 30

baki hanma

The latest Baki anime, titled Baki Hanma, is almost upon us. TMS Entertainment shared a new trailer for the series, complete with English subtitles and the reveal of a September 30 worldwide premiere date on Netflix.

All 12 episodes will be available at the same time, so get ready for a Baki Hanma binge later this month.

Here’s the trailer, which previews GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE’s ending theme song, “Unchained World,” and shows off some new additions to the cast.

The latest additions to the cast are Kenji Nojima as Jun Guevara, Yasuhiro Mamiya as Iron Michael, Koichi Yamadera as Lips, Teeth, Tongue, and Masashi Ebara as Bob McCarthy.

Netflix sums up the series like so:

The story finally unfolds into a full-blooded clash between Baki Hanma and his father, Yujiro Hanma, who is known as the “strongest creature on earth.” The climax of the Baki universe, which depicted the “strongest parent-child brawl in history of the world” in the original manga, has been adapted into the long-awaited anime!

Via Anime News Network