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Airline Company Looking For English-Speaking VTuber

AirAsia’s Project Kavvaii is looking for a VTuber who speaks English. The Malaysian airlines company uses this as a “platform to showcase talents in Southeast Asia’s VTuber community” and any Vtuber they hire will be helping them with their business, including getting new clients. They shared a short video about it:

They are only interested in female applications, and anyone applying must be at least 18 years old. You would get a one-year contract with the company. The submission period began on March 10 and will last until March 28.

Rudy Khaw, who is the Chief Brand Officer of AirAsia Group, said, “We have transformed from an airline to a lifestyle brand with the airasia super app and now, we continue to innovate and be a game-changer as a virtual talent producer. Virtual idol is not a new phenomenon across the globe, but the community in Asean is still expanding, and as a digital company we believe this is an opportune time to fast-track their growth leveraging on our digital capabilities such as artificial intelligence and facial recognition.”

Source: Anime News Network


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