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Yu Yu Hakusho Cast Returns via Picture Drama

This probably isn’t the “Yu Yu Hakusho returns” news everyone was looking for, but believe me, the headline could have been much more misleading. While it may not be a substantial return to the page or screen, Bandai Visual’s first Blu-ray release of the series will contain a special treat for Japanese fans of the Yoshihiro Togashi manga-based tournament fighter.

The four main cast members are featured in a picture drama that takes place after the events of the show’s final episodes. All new dialogue was recorded for the special, which, as the term “picture drama” implies, will play over still images.

The first volume ships in Japan on October 27th. Now, can I get some Yu Yu Hakusho on Blu-ray over here, FUNimation?

Source [AV Watch via ANN]

Image © Yoshihiro Togashi 1990-1994