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Yowamushi Pedal Anime Returns to the Road for Fifth Installment

yowamushi pedal

If you’re a fan of the white-knuckle cycling of the Yowamushi Pedal anime—based on the manga by Wataru Watanabe—you’ll be happy to hear that more is just down the road. A fifth series was announced as Yowamushi Pedal LIMIT BREAK, which is officially lined up for a broadcast premiere in Japan in October 2022.

There aren’t many details about the new season outside of the title and the below key visual, but we know that TMS Entertainment will be handling animation production, and voice actors Daiki Yamashita and Tsubasa Yonaga will reprise their respective lead roles as Sakamichi Onoda and Sangaku Manami.

You can watch Yowamushi Pedal on Crunchyroll—including the first two seasons, theatrical films, and the New Generation and Glory Line spinoffs—if you need to catch up. Here’s the official synopsis:

Onoda Sakamichi is a rather timid, anime-loving first-year student at Sohoku High School. Upon entering high school, he tried to join the anime research club, but after meeting Imaizumi Shunsuke, a renowned cyclist since middle school, and Naruko Shoukichi, who swept the Kansai cycling championship, he ended up joining the competitive cycling club.

Via Crunchyroll