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YouTube Channel Streams Eurobeat with Initial D Footage 24/7

YouTube Channel Streams Eurobeat with Initial D Footage 24/7If you’re in the mood for some non-stop Eurobeat (and c’mon, who isn’t, really), you’re in luck. There’s a new YouTube channel that features 24/7 Eurobeat alongside footage from Initial D. Because, y’know, of course.

The channel is called HI-BPM STUDIO, and it appears to come courtesy Avex, the Japanese label best known for this kind of stuff.

For many Japanese (and western) viewers, Initial D served as their introduction to this uplifting, energetic style of music from, well, Europe (Italy, specifically). I could go on about Initial D, Eurobeat and their dual influence on suburban kids all over the US, but, well, we already did that a couple years ago.

Anyway: if you’re looking for the perfect YouTube channel to give you some genki while studying or working, look no further. RUNNING IN THE 90S FOREVER.

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Matt Schley

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