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Ryosuke Takahashi’s FC in Initial D Is Now a Wireless Mouse

Last month Otaku USA reported on how you can now get your own Akira motorcycle (if you have the funds, that is). If you want another recognizable anime vehicle that’s a little more affordable, there is the option of Ryosuke Takahashi’s FC from Initial D. It costs 7,700 yen, which is about $50.

Why so inexpensive? Well, it’s not an actual car you can drive. It’s a wireless mouse to use on your computer, and it’s an amazing little replica. There are also mouse versions of Keisuke’s FD and Takumi Fujiwara’s 86.

If you’re interested, you can pre-order the mouse here. It also comes with an Initial D-themed mousepad. The mouse will work with USB and Bluetooth. Besides helping you get around on your computer, it adds extra entertainment by lighting up.

Kodansha USA releases the original Initial D manga by Shuichi Shigeno and gave this description for it:

At last, Shuichi Shigeno’s all-time manga about Japanese street racing that turned into a global phenomenon is back! Live the legend of how Tak Fujiwara went from tofu delivery boy to street-racing god. This edition marks the long-awaited publication of the complete series in English, including the final volumes never released in English before.

Tak Fujiwara spends a lot of time behind the wheel. His tofu delivery job sends him racing down the treacherous roads of Mount Akina, and without even realizing it, Tak has mastered racing techniques that take most drivers a lifetime to learn. Of course, none of his friends realize this. They’re all too busy watching the Akina Speed Stars, the local street racing team. When the legendary Red Suns show up to challenge the Speed Stars, it looks as if the Trueno Eight Six that has been seen racing through the mountain roads. The question remains…who’s the driver of this phantom car?

Source: Crunchyroll


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