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You Can Now Get a Demon Slayer Talking Sword

demon slayer talking sword

Shonen Jump has an online service that lets you become a character of Demon Slayer, but now you can pretend to be Tanjiro Kamado himself with your own version of his Nichirin Blade sword.

According to Japanese site grape, the sword reproduction was created with die cast and ABS plastic and is just under three feet long. And it talks.

The sword is able to play the theme song Gurenge and various quotes from Tanjiro. All told, there are 70 audio clips available. And, yes, it can play the opening song while talking at the same time.

The sword officially goes on sale in February 2021 over in Japan, and it costs about $73 (specifically, 7,700 yen). While you’re waiting, you can check out this video that gives a better idea of the visuals and some of the audio:

Is the Demon Slayer talking sword something you’d like to add to your Demon Slayer collection?

Source: grape


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