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You Can Cosplay as Inosuke from Demon Slayer with These Talking Blades

Bandai has unleashed vocal toy swords that look like the ones used by Tanjiro, Rengoku and Zenitsu in Demon Slayer, giving many fans the chance to cosplay. Now Inosuke’s unique jagged blades have been put out in the market.

The blades are a realistic size, and they’ll play back Inosuke’s sayings plus music from Demon Slayer. The blades offer two modes: Demon Slaying and Boar Rush. Check out the below trailer, which is in Japanese and has English subtitles. It explains, “Inosuke Hashibira’s Nichiren Swords have been brought to life as PROPLICA’s first-ever dual-wielding swords! By crossing the handles together, you can activate the duel-wielding feature… Inosuke Nichiren Sword’s unique jagged edges have been faithfully replicated, as well as their vivid bluish hue.”

Interest in Demon Slayer has also held to interest in Japanese swords, seeing as how prominently they are displayed and used in the manga and anime. One man, for example, made his own Tanjiro sword completely out of cardboard (and it looks pretty good, too!). Paul Martin, a Japanese sword expert, spoke to Otaku USA about Demon Slayer’s portrayal of Japanese swords, and how he had Tanjiro’s sword fittings made by Japanese master craftsmen in the traditional way.

“I got caught up in Demon Slayer,” Martin told Otaku USA. “The representation of the sword in the series has the spiritual aspects that reflect the ways in which many Japanese people feel about swords… In Japanese swordsmanship, there is a Buddhist type conundrum, The Life-Giving Sword and the Death-Dealing Sword (Katsujinken-Satsujinto). Obviously, these are both the same sword, but it is up to the user on how he uses it.”

The blades cost 16,500 yen (which is about $145). If you were going to wield one of the weapons from Demon Slayer, which one would you pick and why?

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