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Yen Press Licenses Date A Live Novels and More Manga

date a live

Yen Press just held its Virtual Crunchyroll Expo panel, announcing a slew of new acquisitions in the process. In addition to revealing plans to publish Koushi Tachibana and Tsunako’s Date A Live light novels, seven other licenses were revealed, including one more light novel and a bunch of manga.

All of the below items are due out in February 2021, so read on for the Japanese cover art and synopses for each.

First up, the two light novels:

Date A Live
Story: Koushi Tachibana
Art: Tsunako


Shidou Itsuka has a problem. The world has been racked by massive quakes of an unknown source for years now, though life goes on. Then one day, Shidou’s calm life ends forever when in the middle of a quake in his city, he meets a girl  who’s apparently a spirit-and the cause of all the destruction! When a team arrives to eliminate the threat, Shidou becomes embroiled in a war to protect these spirits-by making them fall in love with him?!

Virgin Road
Story: Mato Sato
Art: Niitsu


The Lost Ones are wanderers who come here from a distant world known as “Japan.” No one knows how or why they leave their homes. The only thing that is certain is that they bring disaster and calamity. The duty of exterminating them without remorse falls to Menou, a young Executioner. When she meets Akari, it seems like just another job…until she discovers it’s impossible to kill this girl! And when Menou begins to search for a way to defeat this immortality, Akari is more than happy to tag along! So begins a journey that will change Menou forever…

And the manga: 

Penguin Gentlemen
Story and art: Kishi Ueno


In a certain secret bar, the “Penguin Gentlemen” work, wearing their long tailed tuxedos. “You say it’s cute how penguins waddle around? Hmph. We’re not just cute! We’re dandy, sexy, and marvelous!”

Play it Cool, Guys
Story and art: Kokone Nata


Enter: a bunch of cool guys who look like they got that unapproachable swag. But let’s be real—that’s not the true them. They’re just a bunch of dorks who’ve got the act down pat. So sit back, grab some popcorn and enjoy watching a bunch of goofy guys try to look cool all day every day.

I Can’t Reach You
Story and art: Mika


The differences between Yamato and Kakeru couldn’t be more obvious. Yamato gets good grades, while Kakeru’s are less than average. And while Yamato is very attractive, Kakeru’s looks are perfectly average. Not a problem—unless you’re in love with your childhood best friend…How in the world can Kakeru make Yamato look at him when Yamato is completely out of his league?!

The Girl Without a Face
Story and art: Tearontaron


Her boyfriend thinks she’s the cutest girl around, but her expressions can be a bit hard to read…

Days on Fes
Story and art: Kanato Oka


When high schooler Kanade Sora takes her classmate Otoha Yamana to their first rock festival, the experience is greater than they can even imagine. It’s a new life of rocking out!

Love and Heart
Story and art: Chitose Kaido


Sure, university freshman Yagisawa has a lot on her plate, but the last thing she expected to add was a surprise male roommate! Handsome Haruma claims to be a childhood friend, but for some reason, Yagisawa doesn’t remember him at all, and his history isn’t the only oddity—disturbing things begin to happen and Yagisawa may really be in over her head!

Do You Like the Nerdy Nurse?
Story and art: Arata Kawabata


The beauty in the nurse’s office is a secret nerd (who doesn’t hide it very well). Nijiko Momoyama is the the newly appointed school nurse. But beneath her gorgeous façade lies an unmistakable love for all things geeky…!