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Date A Live Anime Plans 10th Anniversary Livestream

date a live anime

Date A Live is celebrating a couple anniversaries, including the 10th anniversary of the Date A Live anime series and the 5th anniversary of the Date A Live: Spirit Pledge mobile game. To get two anniversary birds with one stone, the official accounts announced plans to stream a special program live via the KADOKAWAanime YouTube channel on April 5.

It all starts at 7:00pm Japan Time with a stream of the first Date A Live anime episode, and fans can look forward to more information about the upcoming fifth season among other things, so stay tuned! 

Crunchyroll currently streams all four Date A Live anime series and describes the show below:

Ordinary high school boy Shido discovers a mysterious girl at ground zero of a recent spacequake. Shido learns, through his sister Kotori, that the girl is one of the Spirits: mystical creatures responsible for the spacequakes. Shido is recruited to help “seal” the sprits and end their threat to mankind. There’s just one catch: the only way to seal a spirit—is to make her fall in love with you.

Via Crunchyroll News