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Yakuza 3 Actually Coming Stateside?

That question mark may not be the ideal form of punctuation for such a topic, but it’s true that this development isn’t entirely confirmed. It’s certainly a far cry from when Yakuza 3 was first being shown, though, and a domestic release was looking about as unlikely as can be. After all, not many of us played or, more importantly, purchased the first two Yakuza games on Playstation 2.

Now for the uplifting bit. Following up on an encouraging comment by Sega rep Aaron Webber, 1up sources folks close to the project that cite PS3-gangster Yakuza 3 as westward bound. Even speculatively, this is great news for a franchise that seemed dead in the water as far as localization prospects were concerned. We’ll keep you updated on any confirmations in this post as they arise.

Source [1up]