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Katsuhito Ishii Attending New People Sorasoi Screening

People of San Francisco, better get your tickets now for the September 25th screening/regional premiere of Katsuhito Ishii’s romance/comedy Sorasoi. It’s not the only chance to check out the film at New People, but it’s the only showing that features attendance by the directors and members of the cast.

Katsuhito Ishii is known for his quirky comedic films, and has been lauded in the past for everything from Shark Skin Man and Peach Hip Girl to the surreal The Taste of Tea. Sorasoi, his latest, stars Fumi Nikaido, Ken Oyama, Ryu Morioka, and Sayuri Ichikawa, and if you need some visual prodding, the trailer can be viewed below. Also, check the source link even further below for information on getting tickets to the screening.

Source [New People via @aicnanime]