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World Trigger 3rd Season Premieres on October 9

world trigger 3rd season

A World Trigger Channel Vol. 1 live stream was held this weekend, taking the opportunity to reveal a premiere date for World Trigger 3rd Season. The anime adaptation of Daisuke Ashihara’s Shonen Jump manga of the same name continues when the next set of chapters begin airing as part of the NUMAnimation block on TV Asahi on October 9.

A new trailer debuted along with the news, but at the time of this writing it’s still region-locked to Japan on YouTube. A second live stream for the series is also on the way, with World Trigger Channel Vol. 2 set to debut on September 8. There’s a World Trigger THE MUSIC EXPO concert on the way too, and composer Kenji Kawai will be on hand to lead the World Trigger Symphonic Band for the October 17 event.

The concert will be held at the Tokyo Garden Theater, giving fans a chance to relive some of the anime’s key scenes with the backing of the orchestral performance.

While we wait for more on World Trigger 3rd Season, Crunchyroll currently has the first two seasons up for everyone to enjoy. Here’s the official synopsis:

One day, a gate to another world opened in Mikado City. Invaders from another dimension, referred to thereafter as Neighbors, overran the area around the gate, leaving the city gripped by fear. However, a mysterious group suddenly appeared and repelled the Neighbors. This Border Defense Agency independently researches Neighbor technology and fights to protect this world. In a short time, they managed to build an enormous base and prepare a defensive system against the Neighbors. it’s been four years since then.

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