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Watch Goku’s Amazing 79-Year-Old Voice Actress at Work

79-year-old Masako Nozawa is a legend in voice acting. She’s most famous as the Japanese voice for Dragon Ball‘s Goku, Gohan, and Goten, and her many other roles range from Tetsuro in Galaxy Express 999 to Dr. Kureha in One Piece. If you’re wondering just how she does it, a segment highlighting her method recently aired on Japanese TV. 

In the clip below you won’t just see her voicing Goku in Dragon Ball Super, you’ll see her seamlessly swap between Goku and Goten on the fly. As for how she does it, Nozawa says, “I look at the animation, and if Goku is talking, then the dialogue as Goku quickly comes out, and when it changes to Goten, then I quickly change to Goten.”

If that sounds obvious, you need to see it for yourself.

Via Kotaku