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Waiting for Tokyo Mew Mew? Watch These Sweet Magical Girl Anime

Tokyo Mew Mew is coming back!

Yes, you heard right… Tokyo Mew Mew is getting a new anime adaptation! Next year, we can revisit the magical cryptid girls in all their glory. But what do we do if we want more of that mood now? Turn to other shows, of course!

Here are a handful of series you can watch in the meantime as you wait for the remake. What else would you suggest?


Pretty Cure

Pretty Cure... the original!

PreCure is currently a juggernaut of a franchise, more than 15 years strong. It even holds a world record for most magical warriors onscreen in an anime at once. But we love revisiting the original, first aired in 2004 — two years after Tokyo Mew Mew.

While there are recognizable aspects that carry over into the later series, Pretty Cure includes a lot of cool oft-forgotten tropes. Our heroines can only transform when they’re together, for example, so their friendship and unity becomes a core aspect of the series. Fortunately, we got to see them again in HUGtto! Pretty Cure.


Sally the Witch

Sally the Witch

Long before Tokyo Mew Mew we had Sally the Witch, one of the godmothers of magical girl anime. (Himitsu no Akko-chan was timed close enough to share that honor.) An anime spin on the then-popular Bewitched, the show starred magical princess Sally, following her journey through the human world.

There have been remakes throughout the years, and we suggest pretty much any of them. The original is fun to watch for its history, but also hard to get ahold of. You’ll be fine which any version you can find, though. The cuteness remains.


Shugo Chara!

Shugo Chara

Manga duo Peach-Pit brought the cuteness in the 2005 manga Shugo Chara! Adapted for anime in 2007, the series postdates Tokyo Mew Mew by three years, but brings that same magical, adorable vibe.

Heroine Amu is much shyer than her classmates believe, and longs to be a more outgoing person. She discovers her Guardian Characters: aspects of her personality that cheer her on. But these characters can also become her personality. And she’s not the only one with these tiny personality-changing cuties…

What will you be watching while you wait for Tokyo Mew Mew?

Kara Dennison

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