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Vote For Your Favorite One Piece Character

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Since One Piece has reached 1,000 chapters, it’s clear that many people love its story and characters. But the One Piece franchise wants to officially know who the most beloved characters are for fans, and they have a website in English where you can vote.

“Picking just one character won’t be easy — will it be a giant? a Tontatta? one of the fish-people or a cola-loving cyborg?” the website asks. “Perhaps you’ll choose a cheerful reindeer or a lively skeleton. Maybe your ichiban… is a certain pirate made of rubber. Whether you think your ichiban is the strongest, cutest, or kindest, the choice is yours. So grab your phone or even an envelope because we’re gathering votes from the cities, the forests, the deserts, the ports, and, most importantly, from you.”

Voting started last month, and you can continue to vote until February 28, just before midnight Japanese time. In the meantime, we’ve been given the numbers for who’s winning so far:

10. Shanks
9. Boa Hancock
8. Sabo
7. Nami
6. Nico Robin
5. Portgas D. Ace
4. Trafalgar Law
3. Sanji
2. Roronoa Zoro
1. Monkey D. Luffy

Source: Anime News Network


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