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VIZ Manga App Delivers Latest Chapters, Classics and More

viz manga
Featured Spotlight: VIZ Media

There are plenty of digital manga readers out there, but those in search of a one-stop destination for all the biggest series and legendary creators need look no further than the new VIZ Manga service. You can download the app right now to access new simulpub chapters and more, and read on to find out what makes the VIZ Manga app so essential. 

Whether you’re hoping to stay up to date with your favorite manga or discover something brand new, immersing yourself in this sprawling world has never been easier or more convenient. The VIZ Manga app lets you read new free manga chapters every week, and subscribing opens up access to the VIZ Manga digital library of over 10,000 chapters. 

Streaming, downloading and syncing across devices is a breeze, and volumes you want to own can be purchased digitally and added to your collection. Subscribing to the VIZ Manga digital library comes to just $1.99 a month, and doing so will ensure you’re never lacking for something new or classic to read. 

VIZ Manga is currently available in the United States and Canada, with plans to expand to further territories in the future. Expand your manga world by an order of magnitude and download the VIZ Manga app today! 

** This article was sponsored by VIZ Media **