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The Virtual YouTuber New Year’s Eve Concert That Never Was

kizuna aiIn some cases, even virtual stars are no-shows for their own performances.

That was the issue over the weekend, which was all set up to feature a Count 0 Super Live 2018-2019 event billed as the ultimate concert for fans of virtual YouTube stars like Kizuna Ai. Unfortunately, while previous Kizuna Ai live concerts in Tokyo and Osaka didn’t run into any issues to speak of, the New Year’s Eve VR concert in question was canceled a mere 20 minutes before going live.

Count 0 Super Live wasn’t your typical concert from the start, and was planned to take place in a virtual space rather than an actual venue. As long as attendees had the right gear, they could experience the concert in VR for the price of ¥5,890 (about $55), while others could watch it for free sans VR on YouTube.

None of this happened, though, and the virtual performers—which included the likes of YuNi, Kashiko Mari, AZKi, and Virtual Gorilla—never made their grand appearance. VR SPARC was in charge of the virtual version of the concert and cited technical problems that prevented it from occurring. They have since apologized along with sponsor kayak, and have offered to issue refunds to customers.

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Source: J-Cast News, SPARC via Anime News Network