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Virtual Boy: Faxanadu What Nintendon’t

In immediate retrospect that headline makes almost no sense, and yet it remains. Such is the curse of being so easily entertained, and hey, speaking of being entertained, let’s see what Nintendo has in store for us this week.

Since the headline spoiled it already, I’ll go ahead and mention the sole Virtual Console release of the week, Faxanadu. This is one of those NES games I totally didn’t appreciate back in the day, but I’m interested in finally probing its depths and seeing how it all shakes out now. After all, I recently played through and had a killer time with Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, so anything’s possible.

Outside of VC, WiiWare has a slew of titles available this week—a couple of which are demo versions of full games, which always helps in the crowded world of downloadable titles. The releases (and prices) include Jewel Keepers: Easter Island (500 points), Cozy Fire (500 points), and demo versions of Rage of the Gladiator (full version: 1,000 points) and Learning with the PooYoos (full version: 500 points).

Rounding out the week is a trio of games on DSiWare: G.G. Series DRIFT CIRCUIT (200 points), Arctic Escape (500 points), and Remote Racers (500 points). That’s it for this edition of Virtual Boy! As always, approach some of these games at your own risk, and play demos when available.


Virtual Boy is a [semi] weekly report on all things downloadable across Nintendo’s platforms. They mostly surface whenever Joseph finds something particularly notable on the list, so take note and save up those points!