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Virtual Boy: Cave Story Told at Last

I, like quite a few unfortunate souls, never got to play the original Cave Story when it debuted as a downloadable title on PC in 2004. Today, after a lengthy wait, Daisuke Amaya’s much loved indie game makes its console debut via WiiWare with enhancements to both the visuals and the soundtrack.

Cave Story comes a little pricier than other titles at 1200 Wii Points ($12), but from what I’ve heard it should be well worth it. Check out the game’s official site for more information (and a lovely song).

It may be the only title for download on Wii this week, but DSiWare is joining the festivities with a slew of releases. Among them are Drift Street International, Libera Wing, and three classic Game & Watch titles: Mario’s Cement Factory,Chef, and Judge.