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4Kids Return to Roots with Mystery Anime License

Risk and reward can go hand in hand when everything’s working out just right, or when the stars align perfectly, but 4Kids’ endeavors of late haven’t had much luck with that. Take their acquisition of Danish card game/cartoon franchise Chaotic, for instance. After a loss of $20 million over the last quarter, it may be time to rethink overall strategies.

That’s precisely what the company is doing. According to AnimeNation’s report, 4Kids Chairman and CEO Al Khan stated during a stockholder conference call that they just signed a “very important Japanese property.” He went on: “… A number of these new things that we will be announcing are substantial Japanese hits that we will [be] making available to kids in the United States on the 4Kids TV network.”

We’ll be sure to either update this news post or create an entirely new one as soon as details on said series surface. Anyone got any guesses? Wishes, hopes and dreams, perhaps?

Source [Japanator]