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Virtual Boy: Cave Story Now Available via DSiWare

Anyone who has yet to play Cave Story in any form is definitely missing out. I missed out myself on the original PC version of Daisuke Amaya’s one-man-made game—which was originally released online in 2004 as Dokutsu Monogatari—but the enhanced WiiWare port more than made up for that.

Now those who prefer to game on their DSi’s can join in on the fun, because Studio Pixel and Nicalis’s stunning port is available for download via DSiWare. The game will run you 1,000 Nintendo DSi Points, which, like their older brother Wii Points, equals out to an even $10. It’s worth it.

Also available this week on DSiWare are Frenzic and Spot It! Challenge. On WiiWare we have Airport Mania: First Flight, HB Arcade Disc Golf, and the demo version of Cave Story (at last).

Fans of purchasing Virtual Console games for a quick blast from the past only get one new option this week: the NEO GEO puzzle action game Magical Drop II.


Virtual Boy is a [semi] weekly report on all things downloadable across Nintendo’s platforms. They mostly surface whenever Joseph finds something particularly notable on the list, so take note and save up those points!