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Vertical’s Free Black Jack Manga Preview

In the wide world of manga, there are a lot of titles to look forward to this fall. It should be no surprise that a good deal of those hot properties are coming from the fine folks at Vertical, a publisher that continues to exceed the expectations set by their initial batch of bold releases.

Osamu Tezuka in particular has a special home at Vertical, what with the ever-expanding catalog of his works that includes previously untranslated classics like MW, Ode to Kirihito and, more recently, Dororo (I can’t say I agree with anyone that’s down on those cover designs). This wave continues on September 23rd with Black Jack, which, while having seen the light of American shores before courtesy of Viz, will finally be published in full, in the order intended by Tezuka himself.

If you’re not sold just yet on just how engaging this medical manga can be, you can read a preview of a volume two chapter on Vertical’s Black Jack page.

Source [ANN]