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First Mega Man 9 Footage!

If you haven’t heard about the next entry in the Mega Man series proper, the prospect will either completely bowl you over or with excitement, or the realization that Capcom may be dipping the nostalgia brush a little too deep in the bucket. I can’t help but fall in the former category, remaining pretty blown away at the bold move of taking the Blue Bomber back to his 8-bit roots.

Of course, one could argue that it would at least be more aesthetically pleasing to crank the knob back to the 16-bit era, where the artists could flourish a bit more and kick out some truly creative sprite work, but there’s still a lot of creativity that can be culled from a palette as restrictive as this one. Either way, it’s an interesting move, and I can’t wait until the more-than-likely overly difficult final product lands on WiiWare (it was originally listed as an E3 item for Nintendo’s service, as well as XBLA and PSN, but has since been confirmed just for WiiWare at the moment).

Check out the first clip of video footage here!

Source [Joystiq]