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Under Ninja TV Anime Hits in 2023

Under Ninja TV Anime Hits in 2023Under Ninja, the anime adaptation of Kengo Hanazawa’s manga of the same name, is set for 2023. That’s the word from Young Magazine.

Hanazawa, perhaps best known for the manga I Am A Hero, started writing Under Ninja back in 2018, and it now has eight volumes. Over in the States it’s licensed by Denpa, which describes it like this:

A high school loner is given the part-time job of a lifetime as a modern day ninja tasked to perform international assassinations.

After World War II, Allied Command in Japan developed a new agency to help manage terrorism and violence within the Pacific region. The agency was staffed with ninja and they were initially tasked to handle domestic affairs. Eventually that program grew to its current form, managing 20,000 ninja across a range of domestic and international affairs. One of those ninja happens to be Kudo. The seventeen-year-old high school loser is now poised to be the next line of defense against a potential surge in foreign assassins invading Tokyo.

More info on the anime adaptation as it comes!

Source: ANN

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