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Anime Expo is in full swing, and that means lots of reveals! The TRIGUN STAMPEDE panel disclosed that the Trigun franchise will continue with the anime TRIGUN STARGAZE. This is the “final phase” that was previously teased. The Anime Expo panel that shared this news was presented by both streamer Crunchyroll and studio Orange.

Not a whole lot of information is available yet, but there is some artwork to check out. For starters, take a look at this illustration from Trigun creator Yasuhiro Nightow, who made it specifically for Anime Expo as a way to mark the good news.

And check out these Vash, Knives and Wolfwood visuals.

TRIGUN STAMPEDE is from studio Orange, with Kenji Muto (an episode director for Land of the Lustrous) helming the project as the full director. Credit for writing goes to Takehiko Oki. Updated character designs were supplied by Kouji Tajima.

TRIGUN STAMPEDE is being streamed on Crunchyroll, and it will stream TRIGUN STARGAZE as well.

Dark Horse Manga publishes the original manga, and gave this description for the first volume:

On the forbidding desert world of Gunsmoke, a mysterious bounty hangs above the head of Vash the Stampede, and the gunslinging pacifist can’t seem to find a moment’s respite. Vash is no ordinary pistolero, packing a weapon capable of punching holes in a planet, which explains why the locals tremble at the very mention of his name. But sixty billion double dollars is no ordinary reward, and every trigger-happy psycho in creation is aiming to claim Vash dead or alive—preferably dead!

A riot of science fiction, comedy, and western gunslinger action, Yasuhiro Nightow’s Trigun is an international sensation and the inspiration for the wildly popular animated series.

The English manga release was co-produced by Digital Manga Publishing.

Are you interested in watching the TRIGUN STARGAZE anime?

Source: Crunchyroll


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