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Trailer Roundup: Live-action Lupin, extended Sailor Moon, Persona 4

You want some trailers? We got some trailers.

First up, the full trailer for the live-action Lupin III film hitting Japan this August. We’d seen some of the same shots in the teaser released a few weeks ago, but this sucker gives us a much fuller picture of what to expect. From the look of things, the visual style (and dialogue) is sticking close to the source material, with Shun Oguri (Lupin), Tadanobu Asano (Zenigata) and the rest aping the anime character’s famous lines (Goemon’s “I’ve cut a worthless object once again”) and even vocal inflections.

The Lupin III trailer also features a new song written for the film by Tomoyasu Hotei, best known for his tune “Battles without Honor or Humanity,” used famously in Kill Bill. We hope they manage to fit the old Lupin theme song in there, though.

Next up is an extended version of a trailer we posted a few days ago for the new Sailor Moon series, set to premiere on July 5th. As you probably already know if you’ve been following the news on this series, it’s a new 26-episode adaptation of the original Naoko Takeuchi manga, and will “air” on Niconico, Crunchyroll, Hulu and Neon Alley twice a month for a year.

Finally, it’s an English-subbed trailer for Persona 4 The Golden Animation, a new adaptation of the Persona 4 video game based on Persona 4 Golden, a Vita remake of the original Playstation 2 game which was adapted into an anime series in 2011. Er, okay.

Persona 4 The Golden Animation is produced by A-1 Pictures and will run on the usual streaming suspects starting July 10th.

Update 9/8/14: Lupin is out! Read our review of the new Lupin III live-action.

Matt Schley

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