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Tokyo Station 100th Anniversary Animation Streamed

Tokyo Station, the main hub for a whole mess of local trains, bullet trains in and out of the capital city, plus a vast underground shopping center, recently turned 100, and, naturally, an anime was released to mark the occasion. Because Japan.

The short, which runs about five minutes, was animated at A-1 Pictures and directed by Naomichi Yamato, whose credits include episodes of Fairy Tail, Blood+ and Guin Saga.

It’s a surprisingly melancholy tale of a woman tracing the life of her late father who used to work at Tokyo Station. As she wanders the halls of the station (which are exactly what the station looks like in anime form), she learns more about her father and what his life was all about.

Tokyo Station underwent major renovation for several years in order to restore the building to pre-World War II condition, with the project completed last year in time for the 100th anniversary. If you’re ever in Tokyo, it’s well worth a visit – but if not, this short does a pretty good job!

Source: ANN

Matt Schley

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