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Perfume to Play LA, NY

It’s taken a while, but Perfume are finally set to play the States.

Perfume will play two shows as part of their 3rd world tour in Los Angeles November 9th and New York November 15th.

Perfume is, of course, the techno-pop trio produced by überproducer Yasutaka Nakata (Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, capsule).

Originating on the streets of Hiroshima in 2000, Nocchi, Kashiyuka and A~chan finally hit it big in 2007 with their single “Polyrhythm,” which was later used on the soundtrack for Cars 2. Their other hits include “Chocolate Disco,” “Spending All My Time” and “Spring of Life.”

Perfume are seen as on the cutting edge of J-pop and have played shows in Macau, Korea, London and Paris. Their live shows incorporate some pretty wild lights, lasers and other special effects not unlike something out of anime. They’ll no doubt be bringing the same theatrics Stateside, so look out.

Source: Official site

Matt Schley

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