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Trailer for Second Live-action Attack on Titan Film Subtitled in English

Thanks again to our Australian buddies Madman Entertainment, we’ve got an English-subtitled trailer for Attack on Titan: End of the World, the second Attack on Titan film that’s out September 19 in Japan.

The film serves as the conclusion to the first Attack on Titan film, which debuted in Japan in August.

That film hits U.S. theaters starting September 30, with more screenings following in October (here’s a list of theaters showing the film).

The first Attack on Titan earned mixed reviews, prompting some controversial comments from its director, but debuted at number one at the box office (we kinda liked it). The film premiered in Los Angeles in July.

Look forward to our review of Attack on Titan: End of the World when it hits Japan later this month!

Source: ANN

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