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Touken Ranbu Live-Action Film Sequel Reveals Full Trailer

touken ranbu

In addition to a new anime film, a Touken Ranbu live-action film sequel is on the way, and the first full trailer is here to span the eras. Tokyo in 2012 is on tap for the film along with Kyoto in 2205 and 995, and it’s coming to theaters in Japan on March 31. Ahead of that, you can see some of the time-hopping sword boy antics on the way in the new preview.

Check it out along with a preview of BLUE ENCOUNT’s “DESTINY” theme song below.

30-second version:

Here’s what BLUE ENCOUNT vocalist/guitarist Shunichi Tanabe had to say about the project:

I fell in love with each and every gesture, with each and every personality, and with each and every destiny. The first video we received was a provisional edition before editing. So, there was almost no music. All that existed was the powerful dialogue between the characters and the sound of swords clashing against each other. I fell in love with this film at that point. All the characters are fighting against their own destiny in the way they live. There is nothing tedious about it. I feel that the driving force that enabled me to write the music for this film this time was my feeling of love. With respect for the sword boys’ chivalrous spirit, I spun a melody called “fate” so that I would not be defeated. May it reach you.

Via Crunchyroll News