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What to Watch While You Wait for More Hetalia

Hetalia comes back this spring!

With Hetalia due to to return to our screens in spring 2021, we’re all pretty hype right now! The one-of-a-kind show put a surprising spin on international relations in wartime… and that’s a strange sentence to say when talking about a show full of cute anime boys. But here we are.

It’s going to be a few months until we get to see the characters’ new adventures and interactions. And, as mentioned, there’s nothing quite like Hetalia out there. But once you’ve rewatched all that came before, give these series a try to feed the need until it’s back on TV.


Touken Ranbu

Touken Ranbu

Anime can turn anything into a person: boats, guns, countries, you name it. Enter Touken Ranbu, the Nitroplus/DMM project that turns legendary Japanese swords into people. The series is aimed at Japan’s history-loving reki-jo population, in particular the community of katana fangirls.

As with Hetalia, Touken Ranbu turns the background of their respective source material into a relatable personality. These characters are tsukumogami, or spirits that reside within swords. And you can see them all in games, anime, movies, and a well-loved series of stage musicals.


Cells at Work!

Cells at Work!

From the world outside to the world inside, sometimes bringing things to life is the best way to learn about them. Hetalia and Cells at Work! definitely have that in common, though the latter has a bit more educational clout than the former.

Cells at Work! turns your hardworking cells into hardworking people, helping you visualize how each one contributes to keeping you going strong. There have even been educational tie-ins an special short manga and episodes to spread the word on important health issues. It’s one of the cutest PSAs you’ll ever see — plus, there are tons of spinoffs if you want to learn more!


Ouran High School Host Club

Ouran High School Host Club

It may not feature personifications of important historical things, but Ouran High School Host Club still has some big Hetalia energy.

The beloved manga and anime series is a rom-com standard these days — about lower-class student Haruhi and her time in the upper-class Ouran High School. To pay off a debt she racked up by breaking an expensive vase, she works in the school’s prettyboy-filled host club. But each likable lad has a very different personality under the surface, and Haruhi gets to know all of them for who they really are. It’s a must-watch in general, but especially if you’re currently biding your time ’til spring.

What other shows would you recommend to Hetalia fans? What will you be watching to keep busy?

Kara Dennison

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