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Tokyo Store Fights Scalpers By Selling Some Pokémon Cards to Kids Only

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Some Pokémon cards are worth a lot of money, and that has led to scalpers. New Pokémon expansion cards typically come out on Fridays in Japan, and there’s an issue of adults buying up all the new cards before kids — the actual main audience — can get out of school and go to the store. Of course there are also sincere adult fans who buy the cards as well, but one store in Tokyo has a novel way of making sure kids can still get their cards.

Hareruya 2, which can be found in Akihabara, sometimes limits certain Pokémon cards to kids only. Mostly recently, they arranged a setup for cards you have to be fifteen or younger to buy.

Adults can’t come in and say, “I want to buy those for my under 15-year-old child,” because there’s a possibility this person is a scalper making it up. An actual child has to be there, and they will check IDs to ascertain if they’re in the right age range.

In the past, they’ve also had limitations on certain cards, like “for students only” or “for elementary school-age kids only.” And they always make sure some of the Pokémon cards are available for all ages, so it’s not like it’s an anti-adults store.

Sho Watanabe is the store manager and says that the policy benefits kids and they enjoy it. “It makes the kids happy, and it makes a lot of parents happy too, I think it’s a system by which the limited amount of cards can be enjoyed by a large number of people.”

Things can get pretty intense when people want their Pokémon cards. When scalping for Pokémon cards caused cereals to get ripped open at stores, companies responded by having to tie up the cereal boxes. There was even a case where people got into a violent brawl at Target over Pokémon cards.

Source: SoraNews24


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