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Tokyo Babylon 2021’s Production Cancelled Over Plagiarism Issues

Tokyo Babylon 2021 Anime Postponed

Tokyo Babylon 2021 was previously delayed after it was discovered that costume designs had been plagiarized. The production committee decided to investigate exactly what happened here, and when they did, they found more examples of plagiarism.

The production committee did not say what the plagiarism was, but they did say that finding it created a “loss of faith in the production.” As a result, they ended the production of Tokyo Babylon 2021.

This doesn’t mean that Tokyo Babylon 2021 is done for, though. They’re just going to start over with a new production, and the production committee will be working with original creators CLAMP in order to do so. A timeline was not given, but they plan to get to work on it soon.

Source: Anime News Network


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