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Toei Animation Looking at AI, Overseas Revenue

Toei Animation building

Variety Magazine published an article on Toei Animation, noting that the company is looking at AI and overseas sales.

Acknowledging the idea of AI wasn’t something the studio would have thought about back in the day, the article talks about Toei’s current use of AI tool Scenify. Something that used to take about five hours in animation can now be done in less than an hour. They’re also using AI in some of their coloring.

Now almost 60% of the company’s revenue comes from items being sold outside of Japan. Just five years ago, it was only about a third of their revenue.

“Today, Toei Animation can mine their own inventory for stalwarts like Slam Dunk and One Piece and go directly to the international consumer through borderless streaming media and online games,” said Japanamerica author and journalist Roland Kelts. “The company’s on fire now.”

Source: Variety


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