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Tiger Lab Brings Urotsukidoji Soundtrack to Vinyl

What year is it again? Normally the Overfiend graces your average website once every thousand years, but it looks like we’re in for a double whammy this week. Hot on the heels of our manga review is news that Tiger Lab Vinyl has opened pre-orders for the Urotsukidoji soundtrack, with the vinyl release to ship in the second week of February.

Tiger Lab is working with Q.L.M. and the Tohokushinsha Film Corporation to release Masamichi Amano’s score to the notorious anime, with Timeless Mastering NYC’s Heba Kadry handling the remastering process. Urotsukidoji is available in a gatefold package with either Overfiend Pink vinyl or the limited Tentacle Burst vinyl, which is exclusive to subbers and the Tiger Lab website.