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This Year’s Pokemon Film Shows How Ash and Pikachu Met

Reboots: from Batman to Star Trek to, uh, Reboot, every series in existence seems to be getting them.

Add Pokemon to the mix. The 20th entry in the Pokemon film series, I Choose You, will show how Ash (or Satoshi, for you purists) first met up with Pikachu, which was originally depicted way back at the beginning of the series 20 years ago.

Yes, the Pokemon anime series officially turns 20 this year (though it debuted a year later in the States), and the film, which opens July 15, pays tribute to that series’ very first episode, which was also titled “I Choose You.”

Two teasers were released for the film today via YouTube.

Does this reboot get your nostalgia juices flowing? I choose “yes”!

Source: ANN

Matt Schley

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